What do the conflict of interest disclosures for West London Mental Health NHS Trust look like?

West London Mental Health NHS Trust

Trust Headquarters, St Bernards Hospital, Uxbridge Road, Southall, Middlesex, UB1 3EU

Responded on time no
Sent a register yes
Complete data structure yes
Publicly acccessible no
Reusable format no

Transparency rank


West London Mental Health NHS Trust achieved a transparency score of 40%. This placed them =72 within all Trusts in England.

Based on this score it is unlikely you could find out about potential conflicts of interest held by the people who are treating you.


This is the original documentation we got back from the organisation in response to our FOI request.

Questions and answers

Here is all the structured data we extracted from the organisation's response to our FOI request, if any.

Did they acknowledge receipt of the request?
Did they respond on time?
What format did they supply the data in?
Was the data format usable?
If they refused to supply the data, what was the reason for their refusal?
Was the register publicly available at the time of the request?
Does the response include potentially identifiable patient information?
Does it include the name of each recipient?
Does it include the identity of (non-patient) donors?
Does it include the cash amount for each disclosure?
Did they provide an account of disciplinary hearings related to conflicts of interest?
Did they refer to ABPI database as part of their response?